Close to five times around the globe

..or 191,000 kilometers, that's how much the population of Lund is biking every day. 

  • Last year, inhabitants in Lund in southern Sweden, biked the equivalence of 4.8 times around the globe every day. Above: A picture of bikes parked outside the railway station in Lund testifies to how popular biking is in the city.
  • To say that biking is popular in the city of Lund in southern Sweden is an understatement. The inhabitants of Lund (in total approximately 82,800) biked 191,000 kilometers a day last year. How much is that? That’s 4.8 times around the earth, every day. Indeed, the use of bikes increased in the city with 7% last year.
    “Prior to this the development was quite difficult so this makes us extra happy,” says Håkan Lockby, municipal street director. He points to the fact that biking in Lund had come to a standstill the past few years, even decreased when measuring the amount of biking per inhabitant, even though local politicians had decided that biking was to be a profile issue for the municipality. Lockby isn’t sure why biking increased in 2012.
    “We hope it has to do with the work the municipality as well as others are doing to develop biking. We build new infra structures every year, but it’s hard to point to a specific project – it’s probably more the joint forces And we’ve run quite a few campaigns as well, and we’ve worked intensely with companies more than before. We hope that’s had an effect.” His theory is that it is primarily car drivers who have begun biking, but the numbers in terms of traffic on local roads have not yet been counted. The increased biking seems to not have hit public transportation. Increased biking oftentimes means less travelers in public transportation, however the traveling on local buses in Lund also increased during 2012, more specifically with 2.6%.