Eleventh Annual 'Juldans'

The holiday spirit in Swedish America was awakened last weekend of November as the Eleventh Annual Juldans was held at New Jersey Vasa Park and Scandinavian Americans from across the metropolitan area gathered to open the Christmas season. 

  • Rushing the Christmas Tree during the Julringlekar are Peder Vandenberg, Dawna Renee of the JulDans commitee, her husband Mark, their daughter Amy and Erika Brattstrom - all of Budd Lake, NJ. Photo: Roy Groething
  • The Eleventh Annual Juldans held at New Jersey Vasa Park: The aroma of glögg filled the air as guests arrived for a cocktail hour featuring a buffet of homemade Scandinavian specialties. The Christmas tree once again dominated the center of the room and created the focal point for the much-anticipated Julringlekkar to come later in the evening.

  • Kari and Camryn Claesson of Budd Lake, New Jersey sit by the Christmas tree during the candle-lit pageant of Sankta Lucia. There father, Paul is with Hasselblad Corporation and recently joined Arlington Lodge of The Vasa Order. Photo: Roy Groething
  • Music was provided by Smorgasbandet with Jeanne Erikson Widman leading the ring dancing that was indeed the highlight of the celebration.

  • Tiffany Ernst of Flanders, NJ as Sankta Lucia. Tiffany has also served on the JulDans commitee for the past two years. Photo: Roy Groething
  • Tiffany Ernst of Flanders, New Jersey played the roll of Sankta Lucia in the Christmas pageant and young Amy Renee of Vasa Park impressed the gathering with her piano interlude before dinner.

  • Next year’s Juldans is scheduled for Saturday, November 28th,2009. Contact Roy Groething at 973.479.6952 for more information
    or email : roy@jerseypictures.com

  • Mor info on Vasa Park: http://www.vasaparknj.com