The 'Great Swedish Adventure' continues

The popular Swedish reality show 'All for Sweden' is back for another season in fall of 2014. 

  • Lori Ferguson with fellow season 3 participant John Stenson. Photo: SVT
  • While casting for season 4 of "Allt för Sverige" is in full swing we turned to participants of season 3 to find out more about their feelings after the show. Anyone with Swedish ancestry who's previously not been to the country can apply at (we understand after three seasons the show is getting more and more attention and may even increase born Swedes' appreciation of all things Swedish ... another good thing for sure!)

  • Participants of the 2013 season 3 arrive at Stockholm central station. Photo: SVT
  • Everyone who's shared in the experience is overwhelmed; read Guy Clark's description from the first season here: and see his continued discoveries of Sweden in his hometown New York:

  • Below are Florida native Swedish-American, Lori Ferguson's comments after participating in Season 3 of 2013:

  • You applied to participate in the show because:
    I was researching our family history with my Grandparents and saw a post on a genealogy message board, I knew my Grandparents had always wanted to go to Sweden but they were in their mid 80s, so I thought it would be fun to learn more about our Swedish Family History and give them the opportunity to see it through my eyes. This was back in season 1.

    First thoughts when selected:
    Haha…Sofia actually did my audition video in NYC, so I’ve never even seen it. She emailed and told me there was an issue with the sound and asked if I would be available to Skype so she could record another video. When that was finished she told me I was going to Sweden. I just didn’t get it, lol…finally she was like “Lori, listen to me, I’m calling to tell you you’re going to Sweden!” That’s when you hear that loud crazy scream from the show. First thoughts were probably that I didn’t believe it, then pure excitement.

    First thoughts as you stepped onto Swedish ground:
    Honestly? I remember being surprised at how easy it was to clear customs, lol. We met the cast and most of production for the first time in baggage claim at the airport, so it was very exciting but also a little over-whelming to meet so many strangers with all the cameras.

    First thoughts of the Swedish people or Sweden:
    Sweden is SO beautiful, not only the country, but the people as well. And I don’t mean just physically, my Grandma Mary Lou, my Dad’s Mother, always told me that beauty is on the inside, and the Swedish people are beautiful both inside and out.

    Toughest challenge during the program:
    Oh, good question. Physically it was the Göta Kanal challenge. Mentally it was probably the elimination challenge in the old boathouse where we had to count the propellers, I felt like I was trapped in a “Where’s Waldo” book or like a rat lost in a maze, lol. The more I counted the worse it got! I was very lucky to make it through there, there was a line where you had to wait for Anders to call you and I only beat Eric to it by a second or two.

    Cut-throat competition or mostly a really nice time with everyone:
    I think it’s mostly a really nice time with everyone. The structure of the show takes the cut-throat aspect out of it.

    Most important thing you learned about yourself:
    Believe in yourself and reach for your dreams, they really can come true!

    Most important thing you learned about Sweden:
    I have to say the history of the country and the way our ancestors lived. I had names and dates, but to be able to learn about who they really were and how they lived was an amazing gift. I think Swedes do a wonderful job of preserving the history and culture.

    Most and least favorite Swedish food/Why:
    Most: It’s a toss up between Ligonberry and Havreflarn cookies. I like the balance of sweet and tart with the lingonberry and Havreflarn cookies are just so good!
    Least: Pickled Herring, I don’t like fish so the whole idea of raw fish grossed me out, lol.

    Most and least favorite part of the show/Why:
    Ha…I have to say my favorite part by far was the reunion for obvious reasons. But that aside, you start out with 9 other Americans and an entire crew that you just met. Over the course of the show you see these incredible sights and do amazing things. Who gets to dress in Swedish Folkdräkt and march in a parade? Or paint Dala Horses? Everything is a surprise; you never know where you’re going next. Add in the lifelong friendships formed through the show and it’s truly an experience that money can’t buy.

    Least favorite: The elimination challenges, they are so stressful! And it’s sad to say goodbye to your friends. That being said, I think they are a very important aspect of the show. I think they bring a heightened awareness in a sense, if you know that you might be going home any day, you really appreciate each moment that much more.

    Will you / would you like to / go back to Sweden:

    If yes, how, when, why:
    I’m hoping to go back for midsummer in 2015. I want to spend quality time with my new found cousins and Sweden has such a special place in my heart, it’s important for me to share that with my Husband and my Mom.

    What's it like to have every moment (?) of your life recorded by a film crew:
    I honestly wouldn’t know, lol. While you definitely have a lot of on-camera moments, it isn’t like they are recording every minute. I’m pretty camera shy so it took a while to get used to all the cameras, but really, after a while it’s just kind of normal, you forget they are there.

    And... be honest now, do you think the presence of the camera affects your behavior in any way:
    Oh, I’m sure it did, but more so in the beginning. Once you get used to the cameras and get to know the cast and crew it’s nearly impossible not to relax and just be yourself.

    Do you hope to do more TV work or was this a one-time shot based on your curiosity about ancestry:
    For me, it was truly about the ancestry and the TV show was something I had to do to make it happen. However, it was such a great experience that if I had the chance to do it again I wouldn’t say no.