Tjugondag Knut, January 13, is traditionally the day when Christmas is 'thrown out' ..literally, since you usually want to throw out a Christmas tree that is shedding needles badly.. 

  • Folk musician Art Bjorngjeld, performing at a Christmas tree plundering party in Rush City, Minn. has also performed at Santa Lucia celebrations in Rush City.
  • The tradition in Sweden and in Finland to plunder the Christmas tree is on Tjugondag Knut or St. Knut’s Day on January 13. This is the day when Christmas is 'thrown out.' It is literally the case these days as this is the date when you usually throw out a Christmas tree that is shedding needles badly and seems to have done its part to enhance the Christmas season. For more info on the celebration of Trettondagen, see Trettondedag Jul and Tjugondedag Knut

  • Dancing around the Christmas tree during the Julgransplundring party at Nordiska Museet, Stockholm. Photo: Peter Segemark/Nordiska museet
  • Chicago, IL—Julgransplundring at the Swedish American Museum, Sunday January 5 at 4 p.m. Julgransplundring at the Swedish American Museum

  • In Washington, CT—there will be a closing reception for the exhibit, "Coming to America: Washington's Swedish Immigrant" at the Gunn Museum: St. Knut's Day Exhibit Closing Reception with traditional Swedish holiday refreshments

  • Rush City, MN—Nordic Folk musician Art Bjorngjeld will perform at a traditional Swedish Christmas tree plundering party on Thursday, January 9, at the Rush City Community Center. We R Able coordinator Valorie Arrowsmith will teach participants how to make a candy-filled Swedish Christmas tree ornament, followed by song games around the tree, and music by Bjorngjeld. Part of the activities includes undressing the tree, eating the candy, and throwing the tree out the window or door so one can be thoroughly finished with the season. All are welcome to join the fun to learn more about these Swedish traditions. The location is 720 W. 14th St. in the southwest quadrant of Rush City.

  • This activity is part of the Arts Prescription (Rx) Concert Series and made possible with a grant from the East Central Regional Arts Council through an appropriation from the Minnesota State Legislature with money from the State’s general fund. Rush City is one hour north of the Twin Cities on Interstate 35.

  • Visit We R Able on Facebook for listings of other classes and activities, and call 320-358-1220 for more information about this event. Donations are cheerfully accepted for the activities. Guests who would like to enjoy a noon meal following the event should pre-register with the Community Center at 320-358-3611. The fee varies according to age.

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    Featured performer at the Christmas tree plundering party in Rush City
    is Art Bjorngjeld. This event is held on January 9th, 10:30 a.m. at
    the Rush City Community Center.