Swedish News, May 6:

SAS receives huge government underwriting. Swedish pension may be reduced by 1.5 per cent. Probable virus case already in November. 85 new deaths reported in Sweden. Decreasing housing prices. 

  • SAS receives government underwriting
    The Swedish and Danish governments will underwrite loans to SAS, according to a press release from the airline. The limit for the credit guarantee is SEK 3.3 billion. The loan package has been approved by the European Commission and was decided in connection with the corona crisis, writes SAS. SAS is seeking additional loans of up to SEK 1.7 billion from the Norwegian state.

  • Swedish pension may be reduced by 1.5 per cent
    The income pension will be reduced by 1.5 per cent next year, according to a new forecast from Pensionsmyndigheten, the Swedish Pensions Agency. In an earlier forecast from February this year, it was estimated that the decline would be 0.3 percent. The authority emphasizes that the forecast is uncertain.

  • Probable virus case already in November
    It is likely that individuals were infected with the corona virus in Sweden as early as November, according to state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell. But mapping the cases historically is not relevant at present as it would burden health care. However, it may be beneficial to investigate in the future, he says. A man in France has been found to have had the corona virus on December 27, 2019, four days before the first case was reported from China.

  • 85 new deaths reported on May 5
    2,854 people have died as a result of covid-19 in Sweden. This is an increase of 85 people reported since Monday, according to the Public Health Authority. The updated figures also show that a total of 23,216 have been confirmed to be infected by the corona virus in Sweden. The need for intensive care id going down according to the authority.

  • Decreasing housing prices
    The corona crisis continues to hit the housing market, according to statistics from the mortgage company SBAB and the housing site Booli. The largest drop is in the Stockholm area, where prices for apartments fell by 3.6 per cent in April compared with March this year. Prices in the Malmö area also fell, while the decrease in Gothenburg were not as significant.