Swedish News, April 24:

Another 131 dead from the virus. EU is one step closer to a recovery fund. The Swedish economy continues its decline. Fewer housing deals in corona times 

  • Swedish News, April 24: Another 131 dead from the virus
    Another 131 people infected by the corona virus have died. A total of 2,152 people have died in Sweden since the pandemic began. The number of confirmed cases of infection has increased in recent days, according to statistics from the Public Health Authority. One reason is that more people are admitted to hospitals, says state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell, but also stated, “This could possibly also be an early sign that we are starting to relax, but also that more health care workers are being tested, as well as more employees and residents in elderly care.”

  • EU is one step closer to a recovery fund
    The European Commission has been assigned to investigate the need for, and shortly submit proposals for, a recovery fund to tackle the financial impact of the corona crisis. The news was released after Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven spent hours on a video conference with other heads of state. According to Löfven, Sweden's requirement is that the fund should be limited in time and scope, be built on loans and not grants. It must also meet high demands on efficiency and repayment.

  • The Swedish economy continues its decline
    Finance Minister Magdalena Andersson said at a press conference that the development of the economy continue in a negative direction and that unemployment is on the rise towards 11% and the GDP could decline with 7% this year. In the government's previous assessments of April 15, a main scenario and a worst-case scenario were presented. The GDP decline was then projected at between minus 4 and 10% this year, respectively, and unemployment was estimated to rise to 9 and 13.5%, respectively. The trend is now expected to be in the middle.

  • Fewer housing deals in corona times
    Fewer housing deals are being carried out, according to figures from Hemnet, Sweden’s largest online real estate listing. In the past three weeks, 17% fewer transactions were done compared with the corresponding period last year. In mid-April, a slight fall in housing prices was noted - primarily in the big cities.