Swedish News, April 18:

Another 111 deceased in Sweden. Local municipalities are hard hit by the crisis. Alcohol sales fell during Easter week 

  • Restrictions on the Chinese city of Wuhan remain but travel restrictions are being lifted for people who feel healthy in the province of Hubei.
  • Another 111 deceased in Sweden
    Another 111 people have died from covid-19 in Sweden. The number of reported deaths has now risen to a total of 1,511, according to statistics from the Public Health Authority today. So far, 13,822 people in the country have been confirmed to be infected by the coronavirus. 1,054 people have received intensive care, or are currently receiving intensive care, according to the authority. The worst affected age group is people between 80 and 90, who account for 617 of the deaths. The pressure on the health care system has been somewhat alleviated, according to state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell.

  • The Department of Molecular Biosciences, in cooperation with other universities in Europe, works to develop a new type of antiviral treatment with effect against the new corona virus, but also against other viruses that attack the upper airways, such as the RS virus.
  • Municipalities are hard hit by the crisis
    The rapidly rising unemployment rate is hitting hard across the entire country, but some Swedish municipalities suffer significantly more than others. This applies in particular to municipalities whose business sector largely consists of the hospitality industry or the service sector. Municipalities in close proximity to major cities and where residents commute to work are also more severely affected.

  • Alcohol sales fell during Easter week
    Sales of alcohol at the Systembolaget decreased by 3% during Easter week compared to Easter 2019, according to preliminary sales statistics. This is a trend break compared to March, when Systembolaget noted a 10 percent increase in sales.