Swedish News, April 13:

20 new deaths in Sweden. Studenten graduation ceremonies canceled. Trade unions increasing in times of crisis. Payments from the government payroll guarantee increase. 

  • "Studenten" - graduation from Swedish "gymnasium" (similar to high school) is in Sweden, as in the U.S., usually a cause for celebration.
  • 20 new deaths in Sweden
    A further 20 deaths in corona have been reported in Sweden over the past 24 hours. The total death toll in the country is now at 919. However, there is a risk that there is a backlog as it is a weekend, according to the Public Health Authority. (The day after Easter Sunday is a non-religious holiday in Sweden. In Christianity the day signifies the day of meeting the resurrected) 857 people receive or have received intensive care due to corona.

  • Studenten graduation ceremonies canceled
    Studenten, the student celebrations after finishing gymnasium in Sweden have been canceled in several municipalities around the country because of the corona pandemic. Conducting a traditional celebration on the day of graduation will be difficult under prevailing circumstances, according to Skolverket, the National Agency for Education. Since March 29, gatherings with over 50 people have been banned in Sweden.

  • Trade unions are growing in times of crisis
    Since the beginning of the corona crisis the number of new members in trade unions has increased significantly. The increase is most significant in the more affected sectors. The Musicians' Association and the Hotel and Restaurant Association (HRF) both gained ten percent more members in March.

  • Payments from the government payroll guarantee increase
    An increasing number of people apply for a wage guarantee after companies go bankrupt or undergo restructuring as a result of the corona crisis. This involves almost 3,600 employees, compared with just over 2,400 during the corresponding period in 2019.

  • Stena Line downsizes
    Swedish-owned Stena Line recently announced that it plans to furlough 600 employees and make 150 redundancies across the UK and Ireland. Stena Line is one of the largest ferry operators in the world servicing Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Latvia, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Sweden and the United Kingdom.