Swedish News, April 11:

17 new deaths reported in Sweden. Löfven: Inadequate preparedness. 5-10 percent have the virus in Sweden. Digital healthcare visits on the increase. Restaurants in Stockholm checked. 

  • Sweden's higher death toll compared to neighboring countries is due to the amount of infected in elderly housing according to epidemiologist Anders Tegnell. "What we do in the country must have an effect," says State Epidemiologist Tegnell, "but the amount of deaths among elderly is troubling."
  • 17 new deaths reported in Sweden
    The Public Health Agency reports 17 new deaths as a result of covid-19 in Sweden. A total of 887 people, 516 men and 371 women, have now died. In total, 10,151 people have been confirmed infected in the country. 789 people have so far been in intensive care for covid-19. The Public Health Authority has previously flagged for a certain backlog of reported deaths over weekends.

  • Stefan Löfven, Sweden's prime minister, says the country was not prepared for the corona crisis.
  • Löfven: Inadequate preparedness
    The Swedes cannot relax and the situation is still serious, Prime Minister Stefan Löfven said in an interview on Swedish TV. He says that it is "obvious" that Sweden's preparedness has not been good enough to meet the crisis, and that all governments since the end of the Cold War bear responsibility for the dismantled preparedness.

  • Prime Minister Stefan Löfven, Sweden
  • 5-10 percent have the virus
    2.5 percent of the randomly selected 773 Stockholmers tested last week were found to carry the corona virus according to the Public Health Agency. But significantly more than that have at some point been infected. Given the doubling time of six to seven days, between five and ten percent are carriers in Stockholm according to epidemiologist Anders Tegnell.

  • Digital healthcare visits on the increase
    The corona pandemic has prompted Stockholmers to forgo physical doctor visits in favor of digital. During the first three months of the year, the number of digital visits via video at a health center was almost seven times as many as the year before. The number of digital healthcare cases on 1177.se (main Swedish healthcare guide online) increased by 60 percent, according to statistics from the Stockholm region. Digital renewal of recipes also increased substantially by 78 percent.

  • Restaurants in Stockholm checked
    Restaurants and bars in Stockholm will be checked more closely to ensure compliance with the infection protection rules. Crowded circumstances can cause businesses to be closed down.