Systembolaget closed due to Norwegian invasion

Not an April Fool's Joke 

  • Where do Norwegians go when they want cheap alcohol? Answer: To Sweden. One Swedish city is forced to close its Systembolag, as they prepare for an invasion of Norwegians ready to party.
  • Systembolaget closed due to Norwegian invasion
    No, it’s not an April Fools’ joke. Swedish Systembolaget (the government owned chain of liquor stores) was closing in the town of Strömstad as a precaution because of the massive “invasion” of Norwegians expected around Easter.
    “We do it in order to limit the amount of alcohol,” says Lennart Agén, Director of Press at Systembolaget. An estimated 15,000 Norwegians was expected to come to Strömstad municipality during Maundy Thursday, mostly young people planning to party. “Maundy Thursday is a holiday in Norway and that’s when Strömstad gets invaded by Norwegians. They aren’t always completely sober, so it often gets rowdy and worrisome,” Agén continued. Strömstad municipality thus decided to limit accessibility in the town during Thursday before Easter, this to make it easier for ambulance and rescue service to get through should there be an accident. “Prior years the town has been completely clogged. It has become much too disorderly,” says Conny Hansson at Strömstad kommun. Coming to Sweden to purchase cheap products has become a popular thing to do among our neighbors in the west. The Norwegian paper Verldens Gang gives tips to its readers to buy tobacco and alcohol. According to a survey done by the same paper, tobacco is an average of 82% more expensive in Norway than in Sweden. Alcohol is on average 61% more expensive in Sweden. Sicne both Systembolaget’s stores in Strömstund will be closed on Thursday, Verldens Gang advices Norwegians instead to go to Charlottenberg, where Systembolaget will still be open.