Soon ... Midsummer

it feels like that after an unusually cold spring in the Northeast. Do you already have plans? 

  • Top part of last year's Nordstjernan issue 9.
  • The sun is warmer and the grass greener, birds are singing and people have a smile on their face. It must be spring.

  • Have you thought about the upcoming summer season? Swedes are practicing their dance steps, getting ready for herring, aquavit and a summer smörgåsbord with friends so, while next issue (08/2018) will cover a lot of travel, we're preparing for the issues leading up to Midsummer. Let us know what your plans are, call 1.800.827.9333 ext. 12, email us at ads @ or, for events and activities, submit them at our Calendar or email editor @

  • Here's a link to one of last year's issues for Midsummer, enjoy: Nordstjernan, issue 9, 2017