Single in Sweden

Single households are getting ever more common in Sweden with some cities having almost 50% single people. 

  • Single in Filipstad? More common than you might think, as many as 45 percent of the households are single. Good to know then, that you can go have a seat next to Nils Ferlin at Stora Torget. Photo: Bengt Oberger
  • Single, solo, lonesome? There are more and more single households in Sweden, most of them in Filipstad and Åsele, where as many as 45.1 percent of households are comprised of single people. In bigger cities there are also almost as many singles, according to statistics from Statistics Sweden. While women move in order to study, men tend to stay put. That’s one explanation for why so many in Filipstad are single, according to daily Dagens Samhälle. Two out of three 20-year-olds in that municipality are men.
    ”It’s a trend in small towns in general, that the girls move out earlier. That’s something we see at college admissions also, many more girls are studying. Unfortunately this is more pronounced in smaller towns,” says Per Gruvberger, mayor of Filipstad. Filipstad also has a higher proportion of people over 80 years old, and since many of them become widows or widowers, there are also many single households in the older age groups.

  • Photo: Bengt Oberger
  • Åsele in Västerbotten is just as bad as Filipstad, with 45.1% single households, followed by Ljusnarsberg with 44.6%, Solna 44.1%, Dorotea 44.1%, Munkfors 43.9%, Östersund 43.5%, Stockholm 43.3%, Hällefors 43.1%, and Arvidsjaur 43.1%.

  • These cities have the least percentage of singles:
    1. Habo, 22.4%
    2. Nykvarn, 22.6%
    3. Ekerö, 23.6%
    4. Knivsta, Öckerö, Vellinge, 24.1%
    5. Lerum, 24.3%
    6. Härryda, 24.6%
    7. Staffanstorp and Lomma, 24.7%