Young Swede axes his way to gold

Ferry Svan, already a Nordic champion and the first ever Swede to enter the lumberjack competition won gold recently in Hamburg. 

  • Ferry Svan training for the competition.
  • The first Swede to ever enter the Junior World Cup in Timbersports has won first place.

  • Ferry Svan, the son of Swedish ski champion Gunde Svan.
  • Taking the gold for his skill with chainsaws and axes, Ferry Svan, 21, made history as the first Swede to ever attend this event. Despite a sudden rainstorm which delayed the competition, Svan had no problems focusing on the completion and winning the event.

  • To win on this level you need to master both the axe and the chainsaw.
  • Winning runs in the family if not necessarily in timbersports; Ferry is the son of Gunde Svan, one of Sweden's biggest skiing champions ever. You can watch a video of Ferry in action here: