Uma returns to her roots

After years of the public wondering if the American actress is Swedish, Uma Thurman is making it a reality. 

  • Uma Thurman, whose mother is Swedish, would like to become Swedish too. Her roots are in Skåne (Scania), the southern part of Sweden and Stockholm. Photo: Catarina Lundgren Astrom
  • American actress Uma Thurman, 48, has applied for citizenship in Sweden. The celebrity has Swedish roots and has always felt Swedish. "The majority of her family is Swedish, her mother is Swedish. She told me earlier that she feels it’s wrong she is not Swedish,” said celebrity lawyer Thomas Bodström, who was hired by Thurman to handle her citizenship application.

    The first thing Thurman wants to do is purchase a home in southern Sweden, where she still has a lot of family. Her grandmother, Birgit Holmqvist, came from Trelleborg in Skåne. She, like her daughter and Thurman’s mother, was a model and was the inspiration for the famous statue, Famntaget (the embrace), made by artist Axel Ebbe and installed in 1930; it overlooks Sweden’s southernmost harbor in Smygehuk, Trelleborg.

  • The little fishing village of Smygehuk is the southernmost point in Sweden. Here is the statue called "Famntaget" (The Embrace), which stands in the harbor. The model for the statue was Birgit Holmquist, grandmother of American movie star Uma Thurman.
  • Over the years, the actress has often spoken of her interest in her Swedish heritage, her Swedish lessons, her desire to get Swedish citizenship and relocate to the country. Swedish film critic Hans Wiklund is also excited about her potential move: “It’s absolutely fantastic for us to finally get a film star of such importance,” he said.