Swedes can't vote but they can trump Donald

Visitors to a Swedish website can "trump" Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in a way that's gone viral. 

  • Screen shot from trumpdonald.org
  • More popular on Twitter than the Donald himself, the new website trumpdonald.org was launched simply so you can do just that. Jacob Sempler and Emil Tiismann, creative designers at the advertising agency Animal in Stockholm, Sweden, noticed that while most domains with the political candidate’s name in it weren’t available, trumpdonald.org was. So the team made a game out of clicking on a trumpet and blowing it in The Donald’s face (which sends his famous hairstyle flying). That is all, but it’s fun.

  • Trumpet at Donald at trumpdonald.org. Image source Instagram
  • “We just came across the domain name and saw an opportunity to make use of it,” Sempler said. He explained that the site took a while to perfect, because it was “fairly complex to work with Mr Trump's hair.” But the site is getting millions of users to blast a digital version of the U.S. presidential candidate with a trumpet.

  • 'Why Donald Trump when you can Trump Donald?' is the slogan used by the site, which has quickly become a viral hit and even had #TrumpDonald trending ahead of #DonaldTrump on Twitter in Sweden. The counter on the site indicates the virtual trumpet has been blown in Trump's face more than 88 million times since its launch in early February.

  • Sempler has been “blown away” by the global reaction ... much like Trump's hair on the website. "Obviously Swedes can't vote in the election, so creating this site became our vote; it's our way of commenting on the election."

  • If you visit www.trumpdonald.org while you're at work, make sure to wear your headphones because, of course, the trumpeting comes with trump sounds.