Princess Estelle at nursery school

Another milestone in the life of Sweden's youngest Princess, soon after her first birthday. 

  • H.R.H. Crown Princess Victoria with Princess Estelle. Photo: Kate Gabor/
  • Princess Estelle celebrated her first birthday not too long ago, on February 23 to be exact, and now it’s time to celebrate another milestone: Nursery school. For the better part of her first year, Estelle has been staying at home at the Haga Palace with her children’s nurse Elisabeth Zimmerman, though both Victoria and Daniel have had long periods of parental leaves. Said Prince Daniel in an interview with Aftonbladet: “It’s been extremely exciting. She’s begun speaking a little and said her first words, ‘mamma’ and ‘pappa’. It’s very nice.”
    The Crown Princess couple has repeatedly stated that they want to give Estelle as normal a childhood as possible, and thus the little girl has now tried nursery school.

  • Princess Estelle (seen here celebrating her first birthday surrounded by H.R.H. Prince Daniel and H.R.H. Crown Princess Victoria) will attend nursery school like many Swedish children – just one sign that her parents want to create for their daughter as normal a childhood as possible. Photo: Kate Gabor/
  • “That’s correct. The princess has visited a nursery school a couple of times,” Director of the Information and Press Department at the Royal Swedish Court Bertil Ternert, confirms. Estelle has on a number of occasions visited a nursery school in Solna municipality during the last months, often accompanied by Elisabeth Zimmerman.
    Says court expert and editor-in-chief at Kungliga Magasinet Roger Lundgren: “This very much shows how the Crown Princess couple thinks. They are some of the most modern royals around. And I think they’ve been much inspired by Haakon and Mette-Marit (Crown Prince and Crown Princess of Norway), who let their children attend regular nursery schools and schools.”

  • Estelle is not yet registered at the nursery school, though, and will remain at home over the summer when Prince Daniel is using more of his parental days.

  • “It’s primarily the Crown Princess who has been on parental leave now in the beginning,” Daniel said. “But in the near future, this fall, I will be off more. The way I see it, that’s just natural. My own father was at home a lot when I grew up, and that meant a lot.” Interestingly, Elisabeth Zimmerman, Estelle’s children’s nurse, also took care of Victoria and her siblings when they were babies.

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