Alicia Vikander – Shooting Star

Fresh Actress Alicia Vikander is rapidly rising and creating a buzz in Europe after her performance in "Pure" (“Till det som är vackert”) by debuting film director Lisa Langseth.  

  • Alicia Vikander—Shooting Star at the 2011 Berlin Film Festival—from a scene in "Beloved."
  • For the first time since European Film Promotion altered the rules for Shooting Stars three years ago, a Swedish actor has been chosen as one of the young promising talents to be showcased at the Berlin Film Festival 2011.

  • Alicia Vikander with Samuel fröler in "Pure"
  • Having seen her performance in Lisa Langseth's “Till det som är vackert” (“Pure”), an international jury of film industry professionals has selected Alicia Vikander as one of the finalists.

  • Born in 1988, Alicia Vikander trained at the Royal Ballet School in Stockholm, but acting has now taken over from dance. When she was just seven years old she appeared in Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus' musical “Kristina från Duvemåla”. She has also appeared in productions of “Les Miserables” and “The Sound of Music” at the Göteborg Opera.

  • "Till det som är vackert" [Pure]
    Director Lisa Langseths feature debut "Pure" has already won prizes twice at international film festivals - in competition with ten other films it won the debut prize at Asia's biggest film festival in Pusan, Korea. Soon after also the big prize among thirteen other competing titles in Viareggio, Italy's small European festival, once founded by Fellini himself..

  • Langseths story of sexuality, power and sex, on a cultural class trip with obstacles, has impressed juries in particular by Alicia Vikander's performance in the lead role. She plays Catherine, an introverted 20-year-old who is tormented by her unstable and alcoholic mother, her boyfriend's everydayness and the constant evenings with the television as only entertainment. She longs for something better and away, to something pure and beautiful. After one day being enthralled by Mozart's "Requiem" on Youtube, she finds an additional armor against the imperfect reality that calls for her active involvement to change. She invents a different mother - a successful, now dead concert pianist - and gets the job as uniformed receptionist at the Concert Hall in Gothenburg. She finally gets an identity, with name tag and all, a membership close to the music that grabbed her, if only by the raspy internal speakers.
    The attraction and the meeting between her and the middle-aged conductor Adam (Samuel Fröler) becomes a showcase of two colliding realities.

  • Shooting Stars at the Berlin film Festival
    Organized by European Film Promotion, Shooting Stars is a showcase at the Berlin Film Festival for talented young actors from around Europe. In recent years, many of these young actors have gone on to take part in various international co-productions. Previous Swedish Shooting Stars include Gustaf Skarsgård, Torkel Petersson and Tuva Novotny. Notable Shooting Stars from other countries have included Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz, Daniel Brühl and Franka Potente.