Train with Dolph.

Getting in shape next year might be easier – or harder – than we think. 

  • Dolph Lundgren's book, Flexible, will be released in August, 2011. Photo: Per Bernal
  • Dolph Lundgren, the Swedish actor, director and martial artist, is coming out with a new book, presenting his best training tips, which Lundgren calls “flexible”.

  • Dolph Lundgren showed off his workout moves and flexibility with a group of trainers at the LA Fitness gym in London last week.
  • The book (due out in the fall 2011) also presents Lundgren’s lifestyle philosophy, motivation to work-out, as well as chapter about his film career, his life and his family.

  • Can you believe the Swedish actor just turned 53? The public work-out at the LA Fitness gym was part of his promotion for the Expendables DVD release in England.
  • “My workout program can be used during all circumstances, whether you have plenty of time or not, whether you can get yourself to the gym or not. You will always be fit if you train with me,” he promises.

  • Swedish actor and action hero Dolph Lundgren, is coming out with an exercise book next fall.
  • Dolph Lundgren, who is 53 years old, can be seen in Sylvester Stallone’s film “The Expendables”.

  • The book will be released by Fitnessförlaget, part of Bonnier Fakta ( in August, 2011.

  • Dolph Lundgren's web page, - an interesting visit where the actor seems to write himself every so often. He's not just brawn, he also has a good portion of smarts: Lundgren holds a masters degree in chemical engineering and speaks several languages