Panko breaded Christmas ham

Ham is often a centerpiece of the modern Swedish julbord, usually prepared with a mustard and breadcrumb crust. Here's a recipe for the accompanying homemade mustard as well. 

  • Panko breaded Christmas ham.
  • Celebratory food has always been the opposite of everyday food, and that's why we eat pork in the form of Christmas ham for our celebration at Christmas. For more on the origins of our julbord see A thousand years of the julbord or The story of the Swedish julbord

  • Panko breaded Christmas ham
    1 boiled Christmas ham, about 3 kg
    1/3 cup (3/4 dl) Rosita's Christmas mustard
    1 egg yolk
    (1 dl) panko bread crumbs
    2 tablespoons of broth from the ham or melted butter

  • Instructions:
    1. Heat the oven to 250°. Cut the rind from the ham and even the white fat edge. Dry the ham with a towel.
    2. Mix together mustard and egg yolk into a smooth batter. Spread it over the ham evenly.
    3. Use mortar and pestle to ground panko to a somewhat finer consistency. Sprinkle over ham and make sure it sticks on the sides.
    4. Add a little broth or melted butter to ham and put in the oven until it becomes a beautiful, golden brown color, about 15 minutes.

  • Rosita’s Christmas mustard
    (100 g) Colmans mustard powder (1 jar)
    (1/2 dl) sugar
    (1-1/2 dl) whipped cream

  • You also need:
    A clean can with lid

  • Mix together mustard powder and sugar. Stir in the cream, a little at a time.
    Stir to a homogeneous mass without lumps.
    Pour into jar and seal with lid.
    Tip: to add a little bit of a grownup taste to the mustard, add a tablespoon of cognac.