Sugar eggs for Easter

Make your own Easter candy and make yourself popular among both big and small.  

  • Sugar eggs with a crunchy surprise inside. Perfect for Easter.
  • We found an irresistible recipe for Sugar eggs at

  • Ingredients:
    150 g almond paste
    15 small pieces of chocolate or nuts
    For the icing:
    240 g confectioner’s sugar
    2 teaspoons Canola oil
    1 Tablespoon milk
    1 Tablespoon freshly squeezed lemon juice
    Food coloring

  • Instruction
    Divide the almond paste into 15 pieces and hide in every piece a piece of chocolate or nut, then close and shape into an egg.
    Measure the confectioner’s sugar and add oil, milk and lemon juice until a thick batter.
    Add a few drops of food coloring.
    Put in the microwave for 10 seconds and stir.
    Put in the microwave for another 20 seconds until loose and easy to work with. Dip one egg at a time into the batter with a fork. Then put the egg on a tray with baking paper. Add sprinkles before the sugar cools, if you want to. Work quickly before the batter stiffens.
    If f it gets cool and thickens, put it back in the microwave for a few seconds, but take care not to boil it. Let the egg cool on the tray and then keep them at room temperature.