Sofia Talvik in California:

Swedish singer-songwriter Sofia Talvik is in California on her Drivin' and dreaming tour of the US. 

  • Sofia Talvik is touring intimate music venues, settings in which people really listen.
  • In California and in New York
    One of our favorite singer song writers will perform at this year's Achievement Awards in San Francisco next week; Sofia Talvik. More info, SACC SF/SV 2013 Achievement Awards
    In New York, our favorite multi-instrumentalist comedian performs a final night at Don't Tell Mama on Friday, March 1 at 7 PM. More info, Don't Tell Mama on West 46 St., NYC. Or, check our video on recent performances by Maestro MM

  • Talvik has played at Lollapalooza and SXSW, but the extensive two-year U.S. tour in an old RV with her husband has put her in close contact with the fans. Check when she'll be near you: and enjoy ur video clip of Sofia and her husband Jonas Westin; driver, PR, bookings as well as sound technician:

  • Our interview with Sofia while on the East coast: Sofia Talvik - Drivin' and Dreaming