Nordic Innovation Summit 2023

Start date
2023-05-10 12:00:00
End date
2023-05-11 12:00:00
Address / City
2655 NW Market St. Seattle
The theme of this year's Nordic Innovation Summit is "Sustaining Sustainability Through Turbulent Times."

While it is more important than ever to work towards sustainability and green innovation, these efforts are facing mounting challenges. In the US, sustainability as a business priority has become a hot political topic, while the Nordic countries have broad, long term political and popular support for ESG (environmental, social, and corporate governance) in business.

As Nicolai Tagen, CEO of the Norwegian Petroleum Fund puts it:

"ESG has, to an increasing degree, been portrayed as a political issue during the last 12 months. That worries us. [...] Responsible companies understand the wider environmental and social consequences of their activities, they make the most of opportunities and manage risks. This is just good leadership. The way I see it ESG is not politics. It is just common sense."
In response to these challenges, the 2023 Summit will bring together founders, corporate leaders, and other innovators from both regions to showcase businesses and projects that demonstrate the need and opportunity to do well by doing good.

Join us to explore the latest developments in green technology, share success stories, and identify opportunities to drive change. Whether you are a diehard sustainability activist or a sceptic you will find content and speakers who will challenge your thinking and perhaps also new business opportunities and ideas!

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The National Nordic Museum