Nordic Film Club Online - Follow the Money

Start date
2021-06-30 18:00:00
End date
2021-06-30 19:00:00
Address / City
58 Park Ave New York
As part of our Summer of Suspense premiere screenings, we’ll be holding a Nordic Film Club discussion group online! Viewers can gather after watching each series to chat about what they’ve watched. This Wednesday, we’ll be discussing the Danish series Follow the Money /Bedrag.

The Danish series Follow the Money /Bedrag looks into the dark side of an industry, where clean energy is a dirty business. In Season 1, when a body is found near a wind farm, the investigation leads detective Mads to Denmark’s leading energy company, Energreen. Season 2 picks up with Claudia’s release from prison, seeking revenge on the person who put her there, and Mads and Alf’s continued investigation, which becomes increasingly dangerous as they become entangled in Knud Christensen’s financial web. Season 3 follows the money out of the boardroom and into the criminal underworld as Nicky chooses between a successful smuggling business and his son. Meanwhile, Alf is back on the money trail, this time with demons in tow, while Anna enters a life of crime.

Watch with us and discuss!
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