Art From The Fog Swept Islands

Start date
2024-06-20 18:00:00
End date
2024-06-20 20:00:00
Address / City
58 Park Ave New York
Join us June 20 for a lecture by Dagmar Malena Winther, acting director of The National Gallery of the Faroe Islands (Listasavn Føroya)!

Presented in Fog Swept Islands: Faroe Islands Culture Days alongside the exhibition Fog Swept Cargo, Winther will discuss the Faroese cultural identity within the contemporary arts landscape.

The Faroe Islands – 18 islands in the North Atlantic — are a grain of sand to America’s far-ranging lands and diversity. What does art look like in this small place? While Faroese artists only first received formal education 100 years ago, today many artists live and practice on the Islands. Artworks can be found in every home and subsea tunnel, inspired by local life, culture, and the forces of nature. Today’s vibrant Faroese contemporary scene holds a wide variety of styles, expressions and connections to the international artworld.

Join us this evening for a fascinating art journey that introduces distinctive works unlike those elsewhere in the world. Winther will also discuss Faroese artistic connections and influences with other countries, including the U.S. She will also share perspectives on its “national” art scene and humorous or critical angles on life in the North Atlantic.
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