Issue #276

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The benefits of (Swedish) nature / How business may lead the way to a more sustainable future / Trends in and from the Nordic region - Takeaways from the Nordics and California’s business leadership sustainability transformation seminar by Nordic Innovation House.

Rhythms of life, of vitsippor and berries - lessons learned from “reverse migration” / Buying Swedish antiques in the U.S.

The virtual ward // Increasing friluftsliv / Rare decline in life expectancy / Costco opens in Sweden / Quiet after Amazon’s launch / Swedish News: Corona virus update / Extended domestic restrictions / Long-term problems mapped / Exercise can reduce covid’s severe effects / More cash among Swedish retirees / Sharp increases on housing prices / Swedes wear face masks.

Drömtårtan, a classic Swedish cake roll / Discover Swedish / Awesome and Swedish - edible clothing?