..wherever you are, happy Midsummer!

'Svensk Midsommar' ..music, dance and the long hours of sunlight and joy. 

  • Glad Midsommar / Happy Midsummer. Photo from a trip along Göta Kanal, courtesy Rederi AB Göta Kanal.
  • On Midsummer we eat and dance with abandon, leaving all worries behind. The sun never sets and there are flowers everywhere. In the past, Midsummer dew cured diseases, and when you put it in dough, the bread came out full and nice. We don’t bake bread with Midsummer dew anymore, but young girls still put seven flowers under their pillows in hopes of dreaming about the man they’ll marry.
    Summer in Sweden is soft, sweet, long overdue and like nowhere else. Clean and crisp nature is showing off its almost outrageous purity in this season of long sun-lit nights, wild flowers, pine scented forests and sail -dotted seas.
    In New York City’s Battery Park residents and visitors along with the occasional stunned New Yorker will celebrate a genuine Swedish Midsummer for the 16th year. The sun will surely shine, the water glitter, it will be almost like ‘home’ – throughout the USA people of Sweden and of Swedish descent will celebrate. For a celebration near you, see Midsummer 2011 More on the traditions: Svensk Midsommar' - the traditions, the table and a selection of recipes.